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  North Idaho Quilters




    "Our love of quilts is what brings us together." 




Activity Day, which would have been on February 13, 2021 
at Calvary Lutheran Church, 

1011 Compton, Post Falls, ID from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm is 


due to COVID

NO POTLUCK so bring your own brown bag lunch and beverage.

Please wear a mask!

We HOPE to be able to meet in April, but will depend on whether or not the state is open to groups of more than 50.



Community Service will meet from 1pm to 3pm on the second Tuesday of every month (EXCEPT July and December) at the Human Rights Education Institute building at 414 West Fort Grounds Dr., Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814. That is the tall brick building adjacent to the carousel 

at the city park and memorial grandstand.

Enter at the main doors turn to the large room on your left, I will have a parking passes, so NO parking payment is required.


Depending on Covid numbers, I hope we can reconvene to tie quilts in March of 2021.  I will keep everyone updated!!   The public is welcome to join and help assemble and tie quilts. We accept donations of fabric, quilt blocks, quilt tops, and finished quilts. Check the guild calendar for exact meeting dates for Community Service.


If you have a quilt top or finished quilt to pass to Community Service, please contact me and we can arrange to meet.

Catherine Ghirarduzzi


If you can't help out on Tuesdays, we also make a huge presence at each Activity Day by setting up quilts to be tied. This is a great way to help complete the many quilts that are needed throughout our community. Come join in! 

Watch this site for more information.  We'd LOVE to have you join us!


"KINDNESS. Easy to do. Easy not to do. Choose the latter, no one will notice. Choose the former and lives may change." - Julian Bowers Brown 


Camp is rescheduled for August 2021.

Quilts made during 2019 camp.