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2023 Spring NIQ Retreat 

NIQ will he hosting a retreat in May.  More information will be coming soon!



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2022 Raffle Quilt

Karyn Monroe was the lucky winner of our 2022 Raffle Quilt!  Congratulations, Karyn!

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Our next Activity Day, WILL be held on Saturday, December 10, 2022 at Calvary Lutheran Church, 1011 Compton, Post Falls, ID from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm.

This is our holiday party and POTLUCK LUNCH. Please bring your favorite dish to share and the Keurig will be available for your drink pods.

We will have show and tell before lunch with the 2022 Mystery Quilt reveal and after our potluck lunch we will have our gift exchange. Please bring a wrapped gift that is sewing/quilting related, (approximately $20 value) and preferably hand made. After our potluck lunch we will play a game of “Never have I ever” to determine which gift you receive.

I am looking forward to this festive season and hope that you can come and enjoy it with me.



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Hello Members!  Community Service Quilt Tying will be held the second Tuesday of every month (EXCEPT July and December) from 1:00 - 3:00 pm at the Human Rights Education Institute.  The address is:  414 W. Fort Grounds Dr., Coeur d'Alene. It is the two-story brick building across the parking lot from the Merry-go-Round.  Our next Community Service date is Tuesday, January 10th, 2023.  Always check the guild calendar for possible date changes.


Once you enter the front door, we will meet in the large room to your left. I will have parking passes ready for your car, there is no charge to either park or participate!  Masks are encouraged.


The public is welcome to join and help assemble and tie quilts. We accept donations of fabric, quilt blocks, quilt tops, and finished quilts.  Currently, charities are requesting boys (ages 6 - 18) and men themed and colored quilts in lap to twin size.  The backing should be appropriate as well!

If you have a quilt top or finished quilt to pass to Community Service, please contact me and we can arrange to meet.

Catherine Ghirarduzzi



If you can't help out on Tuesdays, we also make a huge presence at each Activity Day by setting up quilts to be tied. This is a great way to help complete the many quilts that are needed throughout our community. Come join in!


Watch this site for more information. We'd LOVE to have you join us!


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Thank you to Carlene Litz, Cherie' Vidovich, and Jean-Anne Sharrai for leading another great Kids Camp this year.  A huge thank you to the volunteers who helped and without whose help the camp would not be possible!  Plans are already underway for Kids Camp 2023! 


Please check out all of the great photos at the bottom of this page!!

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Community Service Needs Your Help!

Community Service needs many helping hands!


Our NIQ quilt inventory is dwindling, and we have requests for more quilts, the CS group has donated 70 quilts this past month! There are several quilt tops that need backing, machine or tied quilting and binding (roll-over is fine!). The preferred quilt size is lap or twin size.


If you can help with this, please come early to the general meeting on November 28th. Catherine will bring the tops, backing material options, and some batting. Since Community Service does not meet in December, the quilts could be returned at Activity Day (Dec.10), Community Service (Jan. 10), the January general meeting (Jan. 24), or she could meet-up with you and collect it at your convenience.


Thank You for Your Help!

2022 Kids Camp