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One of the things everyone enjoys about a quilt guild meeting is seeing what everyone else has made.  Thus, we are sharing our member's latest creations with you here.  Apologies in advance if the photos aren't professional, it is hard to get a great picture of a moving target, or one that is way off to the side.  We just hope this inspires you to come to a meeting and see the quilts in person!

Pam Moore - President's Quilt for Cindie Lee

Caroline Dobner - Pumpkin Stars

Tris Fisher - Buzz for Parker

Tris Fisher - Jelly Roll Race Christmas

Tris Fisher - Moeka 

Judi Owens - Oriental Quilt As You Go - Front

Judi Owens - Oriental Quilt As You Go - Back

Giannine O'Connor - Salute to a Century

Ann Meyer - Geisha Girls

Sharon Fritz - Pieslated Heart

Barb King - Kids Quilt Camp 

Sandy Holzer - Woodland Animals

Carlene Litz - Jeans + Tote Bag

Mary Giraudo - Winter's Majesty

Shirley Koning - Baby Quilts

Shirley Koning - Baby Quilt

Show and Tell

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