North Idaho Quilters

  North Idaho Quilters




    "Our love of quilts is what brings us together." 



B - Quilt -- applique’ or embroidery; entirely hand quilted, over 60” on any one side.

1st – B05, Affairs of the Heart by Nola Mauch  ( Pictures to the left.)

 2nd – B03, Sunbonnet Sue All Through the Year by Colleen Ford

 3rd – B01, Bear Paw Lake by Sharon Huber


C - Quilt -- applique’ or embroidery; machine quilted by professional; over 60” on any one side.

1st – C15, Paradise in Blooms by Cheryl Reed (Picture on left)

2nd – C13, Fiesta Arizona by Marsha Bohling

3rd – C08, My “A” Quilt by Susan Garred

E – Quilt -- pieced; machine-quilted by professional; over 60” on any one side

1st – E12, Hello Shiner by Diana Swindle(Picture on Left)

2nd – E18, Dragonflies in Flight by Valerie Wilson

3rd – E11, Nova by Nola Mauch

F – Quilt -- pieced; machine-quilted by the owner; over 60” on any one side

1st – F21, Eldon by Nancy Kirkland (picture on left)

2nd – F41, Dear Jane by Jackie Hughes

3rd – F17, Feathered Star by Betty Ely

H – Challenge Theme – “Door” must be an original design, sewn and quilted by the entrant.  Finished size to be 15” x 21” (landscape or portrait), embellishments must be confined within.  Only one challenge per quilter.  Must be made after September 24, 2016

1st – H17, Ready to Play by Mary Wallgren (picture to left)

2nd – H03, Venice “Gondoorla” by Barb Lambrecht

3rd – H19, 2017 Challenge Quilt by Sandy Billingslea

K – Quilt – all techniques; 37” to 60” on a side, less than 240” perimeter(picture on left)

1st – K35, Fiori by Lynda Lynn

2nd – K11, Fancy Ladies by Edie Miller

3rd – K04, Kaleidoscope Memories by Louise Dressen

L – Quilt – Clothing or small items

1st – L09, Geranium Beauty by Pamela Legg  (Picture on Left)

2nd – L02, Big Book of Small Quilts by Barb Lambrecht

3rd – L04, Christmas Socks by Nancy Barr

M – Art Quilt – non-traditional and original in design, no published pattern

1st – M08, Sunrise at the Rivers Edge by Sandy Billingslea  ( Picture on left )    

2nd – M10, Birdie-go-round by Jean Shute

3rd – M06, Rosie The Riveter by Della Russell