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June 14-15, 2019.  The theme is 
It's a Quilt World, After All!

Planning for our next quilt show has begun and we are excited.  We will keep you updated as we get closer to the show date. Start thinking about entering your quilt or quilts to help make this the best quilt show ever!  Members and non-members are invited to enter their quilts.

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2019 Raffle Quilt

If you would like to make a block (or more), like those shown on the left, for our 2019 Raffle Quilt, please contact Connie Antonelli for directions.

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B - Quilt -- applique’ or embroidery; entirely hand quilted, over 60” on any one side.

1st – B05, Affairs of the Heart by Nola Mauch  ( Pictures to the left.)

 2nd – B03, Sunbonnet Sue All Through the Year by Colleen Ford

 3rd – B01, Bear Paw Lake by Sharon Huber 

C - Quilt -- applique’ or embroidery; machine quilted by professional; over 60” on any one side.

1st – C15, Paradise in Blooms by Cheryl Reed (Picture on left)

2nd – C13, Fiesta Arizona by Marsha Bohling

3rd – C08, My “A” Quilt by Susan Garred

E – Quilt -- pieced; machine-quilted by professional; over 60” on any one side

1st – E12, Hello Shiner by Diana Swindle(Picture on Left)

2nd – E18, Dragonflies in Flight by Valerie Wilson

3rd – E11, Nova by Nola Mauch

F – Quilt -- pieced; machine-quilted by the owner; over 60” on any one side

1st – F21, Eldon by Nancy Kirkland (picture on left)

2nd – F41, Dear Jane by Jackie Hughes

3rd – F17, Feathered Star by Betty Ely

H – Challenge Theme – “Door” must be an original design, sewn and quilted by the entrant.  Finished size to be 15” x 21” (landscape or portrait), embellishments must be confined within.  Only one challenge per quilter.  Must be made after September 24, 2016

1st – H17, Ready to Play by Mary Wallgren (picture to left)

2nd – H03, Venice “Gondoorla” by Barb Lambrecht

3rd – H19, 2017 Challenge Quilt by Sandy Billingslea

K – Quilt – all techniques; 37” to 60” on a side, less than 240” perimeter(picture on left)

1st – K35, Fiori by Lynda Lynn

2nd – K11, Fancy Ladies by Edie Miller

3rd – K04, Kaleidoscope Memories by Louise Dressen

L – Quilt – Clothing or small items

1st – L09, Geranium Beauty by Pamela Legg  (Picture on Left)

2nd – L02, Big Book of Small Quilts by Barb Lambrecht

3rd – L04, Christmas Socks by Nancy Barr

M – Art Quilt – non-traditional and original in design, no published pattern

1st – M08, Sunrise at the Rivers Edge by Sandy Billingslea  ( Picture on left )    

2nd – M10, Birdie-go-round by Jean Shute

3rd – M06, Rosie The Riveter by Della Russell