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    "Our love of quilts is what brings us together." 



Sorry, quilt registration has CLOSED, but we hope you will come to the quilt show 
and enjoy all of the beautiful quilts!  

It's a Quilt World, After All!

Our 2019 quilt show theme is It's a Quilt World, After All!


The show will be June 14-15, 2019 at the Jacklyn Building at the North Idaho Fairgrounds. Our featured quilter is guild member, Barbara Lambrecht.  Read more about Barb below.  There are several categories of quilts for entry (as shown on the left) including a youth section for 18 years and younger. The show is non-juried and ribbons are decided by viewer's votes. Entries are open to everyone, members and non-members. We encourage our guild members to share your quilts, regardless of your level of experience. This is your show and your opportunity to highlight your treasures.


The challenge quilt theme was announced at the NIQ meeting in September and the details are shown below. A country store and a fat quarter raffle are featured at the quilt show. Donations from members and others for the country store and fat quarter raffle has begun.  

Please bring your donations of quilting fabric (cotton only), fat quarters, tools, quilted items, patterns and books (no magazines) to guild meetings or contact Margaret O’Leary or Kathleen Billingsley.


We are very pleased to offer a new publicity opportunity for our guild members, Quilts Around Town. Your mini quilts will be posted in local businesses to advertise our show. See information below.


Show registration for your quilts will begin in January 2019, the forms will be on this website. We will have volunteer signup forms at the January guild meeting for all the volunteer opportunities at the quilt show -- many hands make light work, and a successful show!

Stayed tuned for more updates as the show approaches, in the mean time, Quilt on!

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JUNE 14 & 15, 2019

You can help advertise our NIQ 2019 Quilt Show by making a small quilt/wall hanging to lend to NIQ.  We will hang them in different businesses in the area. You will be asked to release liability, however, we will endeavor to protect your quilt in all we do.

We will accept your quilts at any upcoming meeting with a deadline of the March meeting. Small quilts/wall hangings should be a maximum of 24” X 24” or smaller.  Space is limited in most businesses, so keep that in mind. Show off your talents!!! Quilts will be hung in businesses the first two weeks of May. They will be taken down in June and returned to you at the July NIQ meeting.  PLEASE DO NOT remove your quilts from the business yourself. This will throw us into a tailspin looking for the “missing” quilt.

Please add a sleeve and a label with your name on the back. We will attach a 5½ x 8½ inch label on the front, with a pin, giving information about the quilt show.  Also please let us know if your quilt is “for sale”. If there is someone interested, they can contact the chairpersons and we will pass that info to you directly to negotiate with the buyer.

We will be using wooden dowels through the sleeves and Command Hooks to hang your quilts.  This will insure no harm will come to your quilt when hanging.

Please let us know of any businesses you feel may be interested in participating in “Quilts Around Town”.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!  We are looking forward to seeing the reaction to this form of advertising.



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Barb Lambrecht

Featured Quilter


Barb Lambrecht believes every quilt has a story to tell. She loves to share her stories and quilting experiences with others who then might become inspired to create their own quilts with their individual stories. She has been described as having an “infectious enthusiasm” for quilting. She is a process oriented quilter and began creating her own designs in 1998.


Barb comes from a long line of quilters, but her first epiphany came at a quilt show in 1991 when she saw a wall of appliqued quilts created from the pattern but each done in a different color way. It was at that moment she knew she had a passion for making appliqued quilts. She loves the freedom of being able to place the pieces wherever she wants to create her design. Her inspirations come from people, places and events of all types, and is especially fond of puns, incorporating them into many of her quilts.


She still has created a collection of funny, interesting and creative quilts to share with you.


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  • Quilts entered in this challenge must be recognizable in some way as being related to          the theme, "Out of the Box".
  • The finished size of the quilt is to be 18 inches wide and 24 inches long. All decorations        must be within these measurements.
  • The quilt must be an original design, sewn and quilted by entrant.
  • Only one entry per quilter.
  • The quilt must be made after September 24th, 2018.
  • Please do not place on or in a frame, must lay flat.

For questions contact:

Arless Scheet, [email protected], 208-765-3521

Terry Miller, [email protected], 208-765-5668