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2021 Quilt Show

We are pleased to announce that planning for our 2021 North Idaho Quilters Quilt Show has begun.


The North Idaho Quilt Show will be held on June 11 and 12, 2021 at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds in the Jacklin Building. This is a two-day event highlighting local and regional quilters and features Traditional, Modern, and Art Quilts. We are planning for 300 plus quilts/items as well as a Merchant Mall and Country Store. Quilt drop off will be June 9, 2021 at the Jacklin Building.

Our Featured Quilter will be Paulette Steele, well known for her handwork, applique, quilting and as a local instructor.  


Please mark your calendar and save the dates.  We hope that you will join us at next year’s quilt show. 

2019 Quilt Show Winners

Featured Quilter's Choice:

It was a Mystery to Me!

Made and Quilted by Valle Lee

A - Quilt of Valor -- MUST be a formally awarded QOV, include date and location of award.  These quilts were awarded to:

     1st - Ivan Wallgren :  Made and quilted by Judy Cooper

     2nd - Dennis Irish

     3rd - Dale Cook

B - Quilt -- entirely hand quilted, any size

     1st - Manda Benton

     2nd - Louise Dressen

     3rd - Kay Conners

C - Quilt -- appliqued, machine quilted by professional

     1st - Johanna Renner, quilter: Kathy Sampson

     2nd - Carol Niehoff, quilter:  Pam Moore

     3rd - Sharon Hughes, quilter:  Sharon Hughes

D - Quilt -- appliqued, machine quilted by owner

     1st - Carla Gentry

     2nd - Cheryl Clossin

     3rd - Penelope Ragland

E – Quilt -- pieced; machine-quilted by professional

     1st - Kay Van Cleave, quilter:  Pam Moore

     2nd - Nola Mauch, quilter:  Lynda Lynn

     3rd - Sandy Turner-Woods, quilter:  June Hollister

F – Quilt -- pieced; machine-quilted by the owner

     1st - Carla Gentry

     2nd - Valle Lee

     3rd - Nancy Kirkland

G – Quilt – group; any size

     1st - Fabrication Quilt Artists

     2nd - Jean Shute, Carrolyn Vidal,
              Terry Kremmer, Mary Kay 
              Burgess, Diane Dixon, Ann 

     3rd - Kathy Howard, Donna Neitman

H – Challenge Theme -- "Out of the Box"  (must meet all qualifications under "Out of the Box" Challenge Quilt)

     1st - Mary Wallgren

     2nd - Alessandra Billingslea

     3rd - Kathy Howard

I – Quilt – all techniques; small-scale; maximum 4" block; LESS than 72” perimeter

     1st - Julie Mosier

     2nd - Julie Mosier

     3rd - Julie Mosier

J – Quilt – all techniques; LESS than 144” perimeter

     1st - Arless Scheet

     2nd - Margaret O'Leary

     3rd - Barbara Iverson

K – Quilt – all techniques; LESS than 240” perimeter

     1st - Pamela Legg

     2nd - Cheryl Clossin

     3rd - Nancy Hurley

L – Quilt – Clothing or small items

     1st - Carol Niehoff

     2nd - Barb Lambrecht

     3rd - Tanya Benson

M – Art Quilt – non-traditional and original design, no published pattern

     1st - Alessandra Billingslea

     2nd - Nancy Barr

     3rd - Alessandra Billingslea

N -- Youth -- quilted items made by persons 18 years or younger -- participation ribbons awarded but quilts are not voted upon.


The 2019 quilt show is complete! What an amazing collection of beautiful quilts, 305 in total as well as 17 challenge quilts. More than 1000 visitors enjoyed the show. The merchant mall Chairwomen contracted 18 vendors of varied and desirable merchandise. We have had many positive comments on the set up and flow for the show, thanks to our set up chairwomen. 

Thank you to our Featured Quilter, Barb Lambrecht who charmed everyone with her collection of whimsical and creative original quilts. 

Congratulations to the winners of Ribbons, the Raffle Quilt, the Chairwomen’s Publicity basket and the Fat Quarter Raffles ( 12 total beautiful full baskets!) 

Thank you to those members who renewed their memberships and to new members who joined, we look forward to meeting you! The Country Store was a gold mine of your contributions and had a constant crowd finding new treasures. The country store chairwomen did an outstanding job of collecting and organizing all the fabrics, notions, tools, quilts, books and magazines! They will be happy to see their dining room tables again! 

Thank you to all our members who volunteered for collections, set up, hostess, sit and sew, country store, take down and washing sheets. It really does take a guild to put on a show! A big thank you as well to our husbands and family members who helped in countless ways. They climbed ladders, ran errands, stored and carried items, posted signs, and visited the storage unit to only name a few of the many tasks. We couldn’t do it all without each of you!

The quilt show committee has met, planned, and organized this event for 2 years. It is a commitment that each member has kept and contributed to in so many ways. It has been my pleasure to work with each of them, they brought many talents to the table and I cannot thank these amazing ladies enough!

Thank you to the following businesses for their help in making our 2019 Quilt Show a success; The Fairgrounds- Kootenai County; DE- Expo & Event Services; Northern States Security & Investigations; Printer: Deke Cloyd; On the Edge Images; The Local Deli; Mike’s Espresso; RAMAX Engraving and Awards, Inc.

A special Thank you to the following local businesses who displayed small quilts in their business to help promote the quilt show. 

In Coeur d’Alene: Kinzie at Studio 600; Mountain Madness Soaps; Kate’s Place Salon; Davidson Family Dental; Style Studio; Culinary Stone; Boardwalk; Mix-It-Up; Nailed It; Cloud 9 Bridal; Tiffany Blue; rustic; Grace and Joy; Marmalade; J Miller Salon; ISpa Nails; Well Read Moose; Into the Woods; Summer Glass; Calypso; Figpickles; Finely Brewed; Charles Bean, Attorney.

In Hayden: New Leaf Nursery

In Post Falls: A Cut Above; Stacies Cakes; Post Falls Public Library; Garden Plaza; Northland Nursery; Piper 9 Salon; Terre Coffee; Tilley’s; Huckleberry Thicket. 

In Rathdrum: Piper 9 Salon; Lakeland Physical Therapy; Rathdrum Thrift on 41; Rathdrum Public library; Rathdrum Animal Clinic; Rathdrum City Hall; West Wood Gardens.

In Spirit Lake: Timberlake Physical Therapy; Bickle Creek Coffee Shop; Spirit Lake Gifts.

                                                                                            Linda Cathey, Chairwoman 2019

It's a Quilt World, After All!

Barb Lambrecht

Featured Quilter


Barb Lambrecht believes every quilt has a story to tell. She loves to share her stories and quilting experiences with others who then might become inspired to create their own quilts with their individual stories. She has been described as having an “infectious enthusiasm” for quilting. She is a process oriented quilter and began creating her own designs in 1998.


Barb comes from a long line of quilters, but her first epiphany came at a quilt show in 1991 when she saw a wall of appliqued quilts created from the pattern but each done in a different color way. It was at that moment she knew she had a passion for making appliqued quilts. She loves the freedom of being able to place the pieces wherever she wants to create her design. Her inspirations come from people, places and events of all types, and is especially fond of puns, incorporating them into many of her quilts.


She still has created a collection of funny, interesting and creative quilts to share with you.