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Come Back Later to Register Your Quilt - Thank You!

On-line Quilt Show Registration Form.

Save a stamp and a tree!! Register your quilt on-line by filling in the form below. You will get an email notification that your entry was received, this is your receipt showing that you have registered. In addition, you will get a receipt when you drop off your quilt. Please read all of the instructions, prior to submission. You are responsible for knowing and following the requirements for each submission. QUILT SHOW ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS.

Quilt Registration is now 
Any quilts entered at this point will NOT be entered in the quilt show.

First Name*

Last Name*




Zip Code*

Preferred Phone*

Secondary Phone

Email Address*

Quilt Name*

Quilt Owner*

Made By*

Quilted by*

Year Completed*


Quilt's MAIN Coloring*

Exact WIDTH of quilt in inches*


Exact LENGTH of quilt in inches*

Description: Please provide brief story of your quilt. 50 words or less. That is ABOUT 3 lines on this form.

Quilt Category, select only one, each quilt requires a separate entry form*


Click here to print the 2022 QUILT SHOW ENTRY FORM, if you prefer to mail your form.

Please note:  If your quilt is 60" wide or wider, it will need to have a sleeve.  If your quilt is 84" or wider, it will need to have a split sleeve or you will need to put a small slit in the middle of the sleeve to allow a hanger to be placed to support the weight.

If you have questions, please email

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