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Welcome to North Idaho Quilters!

NIQ General Meetings are now on the 4th Tuesday of odd months.  Please mark your calendars for 2023-24 so you don't miss a meeting!

Our meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. - feel free to arrive early to visit, check out library books, etc.

The Calum Shrine Event Center

1250 W. Lancaster Rd.

Hayden, Idaho


The Shrine Club is a large building with a blue metal roof on the south side of W. Lancaster, approx. 3/4 miles west of Highway 95. The Lancaster Rd. intersection is 2 miles north of Hayden Ave. and 2 miles south of the Highway 53 and N. Government Way junction of Highway 95.

November General Meeting - 11/28

Paulette Steele


Paulette’s journey into quilting began when The Empty Spool Quilt Shop opened in Bayview in 1993.  She was quickly hooked on the whole concept of putting various fabrics and colors together and fell in love with the idea that a minor change of fabric color or design could impact the finished look dramatically.  Her passion quickly became the process of altering a pattern or changing fabric to make it into a statement of her own creation.

In the mid-1990’s, Paulette began teaching at The Empty Spool and subsequently at Bear Paw Quilting when it opened in Coeur d’Alene.  She was asked to teach the Little Women’s Club at Bear Paw and did so for fourteen (14) years.  She also taught numerous other classes including paper piecing, English paper piecing, and working with wools.

As a youngster, she was taught to embroider and to cross stitch.  These skills have helped her immensely with wool work and other quilting efforts.

Every quilt that Paulette has made has challenged her from a “What if” perspective.  Should she do it this way, or what if she turned it around, upside down, on point, sashed or not.  There are so many ways to make a quilt and she keeps trying new techniques.

Paulette’s program will be a trunk show titled “Try It!”  In this, she will address the following topics:


1.  Cutting

2.  Stitching

3.  Trimming


1.  Size

2.  Orientation



1.  Plain

2.  Pieced

3.  Printed


1.  Leaves

2.  Circles

3.  Stems


1.  What captures your attention?

2.  Competing

3.  Overall

Activity Day - December 9th

Saturday December 9th is Activity Day from 9:30 - 3:00 at Calvary Lutheran Church in Post Falls.

Please bring your project and supplies, lunch & water. The Keurig machine will be there with pods for coffee, tea & hot chocolate.


Thank You for your participation, hope to see you at Activity Day!


Now is the PERFECT time to join the guild! 
Our membership year is September 1 through August 31.

Please see the information under the "JOIN" tab where you will find a link to the membership form, OR, just come to a meeting and fill out a form there.

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