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    "Our love of quilts is what brings us together." 



Welcome to North Idaho Quilters!


Annual Basket Raffle, Silent Auction, and Potluck

Our July meeting is a PARTY!  We start off with a potluck and then have a Basket Raffle and determine the winners of the Silent Auction Items.  Bring your friends, everyone is welcome and there is no guest fee.  Don't forget your money, we have some wonderful baskets and silent auction items that I am sure you will want to bid on!

For the potluck, depending on the letter that your last name starts with, please bring the following item:
          A - H will bring a Main Dish
          I - R will bring a Dessert, and 
          S - Z will bring a Salad or Appetizer 

We look forward to seeing EVERYONE at the July meeting.

Remember, there is NO show and tell and there will be no library either.

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2019 Quilt Show

Thank you to everyone for making this year's quilt show so wonderful:  our volunteers, everyone who displayed quilts, and everyone who attended!

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It's never to late to join the guild!  

Please see the information under the "JOIN" tab where you will find a link to the membership form.

ALSO, we STILL have two Committee Chairperson openings:  
Door Prizes and Auditor

If you are interested in either of these positions, please contact Pam Moore.  
Unfortunately, we will NOT be giving out door prizes until that position is filled.


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We invite you to come to join us. You’ll find us warm, welcoming and brimming with enthusiasm for our latest quilting projects. Our programs provide new learning opportunities and we share the joy of one another’s quilting accomplishments during our Show and Tell time. Our General Meetings are the fourth Monday of odd numbered months (January, March, May, July, September, and November) and are held at the Calum Shrine Club Event Center located at 1250 W. Lancaster Rd, Hayden, ID. Several times a year we host a nationally, regionally, or locally known speaker at our general meeting and often the speaker will present a workshop for guild members to participate in the following day. Guests are always welcome to join us at any meeting.  A $10 non-member fee is assessed when a guest speaker is presenting to help defray costs. 

We also have Activity Days where you can bring a project to stitch on (by hand or machine). These days are usually the second Saturday of even numbered months and are held at the American Legion Post 143 at 1138 E Poleline Ave., Post Falls, ID. We have an active Community Service group which meets on the second Tuesday of every month at Bear Paw Quilting, 600 W Kathleen Ave, #10, Coeur d'Alene, ID. There is no Community Service Meeting in July or December. Sometimes the meeting dates change, so check our calendar for current dates and time. The Guild hosts a Quilt Show for our community in June of odd numbered years. In order to encourage our youth and help them learn quilting skills, North Idaho Quilters offers a Kids Quilt Camp each summer.

The Guild is comprised of quilters from various communities located in Northern Idaho, Eastern Washington and Western Montana and has almost 200 members.