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North Idaho Quilters

"Our love of quilts is what brings us together."

Welcome to North Idaho Quilters!


Hear-ye, Hear-ye, Hear-ye One and All!!!!

Activity Day is on again!! That’s right, you heard it right!

With the changes in the COVID status, we are now able to meet in a little bigger group. Since the Activity Day attendance has never reached 50, I feel confident in inviting you ladies and gents, who would like to participate in our day of fun.

Our last meeting was so very long ago, but we did make some plans that will be fun to do when were together. But I’d like to start off slow… Kind of get our feet wet one toe at a time. Please bring any projects you’d like to work on. Some of you like to help with Community service, and I would love to see that a focus for as many as we can. Catherine is always grateful for as much help as she can get. It’s a big job that we can make light with the help of many hands.

Those of you involved in the Mystery Quilt will get your next set of instructions that day. So please bring your supplies and sewing machines so you can work on your quilt together. If you can’t make it, that’s ok, I’ll drop your instructions in the mail.

I will have the coffee pot on and hot water for you tea drinkers. Potlucks are still not available, so bring your own brown bag lunch and snacks for the day. If you want something other than coffee or tea to drink, please bring it with you.

I know the topic of masks is always a hard one to approach. It’s a hot subject on both sides of the fence. I get that, but, please follow the current guide lines and wear a mask or face shield and social distance. We don’t want anyone uncomfortable and if you can’t do the mask, that’s ok, I only ask you please distance yourself.

I’m very excited to get together with you all. The rent has been paid for the year, the contract is signed, so let’s get together and have a great day!! Activity Day is open to ALL members. Guests pay a nominal $5 fee, but are always welcome.

Cindie Lee

SATURDAY APRIL 10TH, 9AM-3PM                  Bring with you:

Calvary Lutheran Church                                    Show and Tell

1011 N. Compton                                                Lunch and snacks

Post Falls, Idaho                                                 Sewing machine and current project       

* * * * * * *

Charity Quilts Needed for Head Start

Greetings Quilting Friends!! We have a special request from the director of the Head Start program in Rathdrum for some baby and big brother/big sister quilts. Four of the families with children who attend the program are expecting babies and it has become a tradition for them to receive one of our fine quilts to welcome them to the community.

Please call or email me if you have one (finished or not) to pass on, their program ends in early June so let's get them some quilts!

Thank You from your Community Service Representative

Catherine Ghirarduzzi Home phone 208-930-1139 Email; [email protected]

* * * * * * *

It's never to late to join the guild!

Please see the information under the "JOIN" tab where you will find a link to the membership form.

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